Role of Media in a democracy – Expectation Vs Reality

Since past few months, I have been seeing a lot of hate pouring on social media against the Indian media and how journalism has reached it's all time low. I thought that they might realise their mistakes and improve after seeing the angst amongst the masses. But when instead of improving, it started getting worse,… Continue reading Role of Media in a democracy – Expectation Vs Reality


Everyday is Independence Day!!

On 15th August 2020, India celebrated it's 74th Independence Day and I would like to wish all those who strived for it and are doing it even today and to those who wish it's safety a very Happy Independence Day. Now you might think i am a bit late for an Independence day blog (… Continue reading Everyday is Independence Day!!


माँ , कभी तू भी बोल देती !

Mother's Day पर एक बात समझ में आयी ...हम माँ  की खूबियों की तारीफ तो हमेशा करते है पर क्या वो माँ सच में Superwoman है या वो अपनी खामियां छुपा रही है इस डर से के हमारा उसके लिए प्यार कम ना हो जाये ..तो इस  Mother's Day मैंने अपनी माँ से ये कहा… Continue reading माँ , कभी तू भी बोल देती !