Everyday is Independence Day!!

On 15th August 2020, India celebrated it’s 74th Independence Day and I would like to wish all those who strived for it and are doing it even today and to those who wish it’s safety a very Happy Independence Day. Now you might think i am a bit late for an Independence day blog ( Well i have a timing issue). But this time it was intentional. It’s been 74 years since we have been celebrating the Independence day and it’s just on that one day ( and may be the Republic Day) that we are high on patriotism. So i thought to try and keep the vibe alive for at least a week more.
There is a lot being talked about Independence on social media since a few days and i realised everyone . So here’s my take on Independence for India.

His Majesty King Abdullah of Jordan believes Independence for an individual as well as a nation is a continuous process and i cannot agree more. Though, we freed ourselves from the atrocities of the colonial rule on 15th August 1947, there are so many people struggling to keep it since that very day. These heroes are guarding the borders, teaching in schools, running businesses and generating employment and today some are tackling the pandemic in the hospitals. I would like to salute and thank each and everyone of them for my freedom.
As i mentioned before, freedom , i believe, is a continuous process and so i thought of  highlighting a few things that we need freedom from as of today( The list could be very lengthy but i would like to keep it short as i am sure all of you must be in the festive mood already.. So let’s begin…

1)Freedom from Press (includes all type of media): I hope you all would agree if i say that this would solve almost 50% of this country’s problems. The drama, the hatred and the unnecessary and irresponsible opinions and statements by the media is creating the most unrest in India. So yeah India doesn’t need freedom of press anymore, it needs freedom from press.

2) Freedom from religion bias:
Now a lot of people have been asking me that why shouldn’t we be proud of and follow our religion. I never said i had any problem with any religion nor am i secular. I am a Hindu and i am immensely proud of that. Religion is the basis of the way we think and process things and it is necessary for a stable society. However, respecting your own religion doesn’t mean you need to disrespect other religions. It’s high time we realise that because if we don’t we could never be a truly Independent nation. These religional differences are festering like a wound since centuries and the only ones benefiting out of it are the corrupt politicians. Freedom from religion bias would save a lot of the tax payers money, if you know what i mean.

3)Freedom from “Kuch nai hota” and ” Chalta hai” mentality:
This, i feel, is one of the primary needs of our country. Since last few months, due to the pandemic and the lockdown, there have been quite a few restrictions on daily lives of people across the world. So many suffered and so many died but in India people are still saying “Kuch nai hota” and this is not limited to the pandemic. We break the rules regularly and say this one phrase “Kuch nai hota” and if we get caught we say ” Chalta hai na”. This mentality is the primary reason for indiscipline. This “Chalta he” attitude lets corruption, indiscipline and lethargy creep into the system making it incompetent and inefficient. Freedom from this mentality will strengthen the law and order of the nation thus laying a stronger foundation.

4) Freedom from exploitation of Freedom:
When we say we are independent and can do whatever we want, some people take it literally. When we say we have freedom of speech and access to social media, it doesn’t mean we can post crap and troll people for anything and everything. Just because we are entitled to Freedom of expression, it doesn’t mean we will do things to instigate anger and hatred amongst people. We should be very careful with the Freedom we are enjoying as it’s earned by someone’s sacrifice and is very easy to loose.

5)Freedom from western influence:
Reading this header, some of you might think i am orthodox but what i mean is it is important to hold on to our roots while going global. I am not against the western culture but i believe that every country adapts a culture according to their respective climatic conditions, food availability, traditions etc. These conditions are different and probably richer in our country than the west.

There definitely is lot more that i might have missed on. Feel free to add in the comments what else should we as a country need freedom from. I would like to conclude saying that India was and is a great country. To maintain this greatness, we need to strive for its independence everyday.

Jai Hind!!!!

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