CAB, NRC and the drama!!

I have been holding myself back from writing about this but reading the reports about what’s happening in the country and all the hate overflowing on the social media, i feel that it’s time to share thoughts on this. Yes we are talking about the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) and National Register of Citizens (NRC) here.

I would like to start with the very basic question, what is CAB and NRC? How many of us actually know what is CAB and why is it being implemented? What is NRC about? I am sure many of us have no clue what it is. Even i didn’t know till i decided to write about it and did some authentic, uninfluenced and unbiased reading (No social media, no news portals).
So let’s understand what CAB is and why is it being implemented. Registration under CAB will grant citizenship to the non-muslim communities- Hindu, Sikh, Christians, Jains, Parsi and Buddhists who have entered India on or before 31st Dec 2014. Yes i know the next question would be why not muslims? The answer to that is the major immigration in India happens from the Muslim countries Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. The Non-Muslim communities who feel they are not treated right there (which we all know is true) need to be accommodated into the predominantly Hindu nation since they are minorities in those countries. The Muslim population that is flowing in is majorly for economical reasons and as we all are aware ,Indian economy right now is not in a position to support additional pressure. This ammendment, as it is projected to be, is NOT against any religion and in no way going to affect the indian muslim population in any way. NRC which would be the next step to CAB would make it compulsory for every resident of India, irrespective of their religion, to prove their ancestral grounds in India to register themselves as Indian citizens. Also for NRC registration, they have given an exhaustive list of documents out of which any one document has to be produced and technically we need to possess at least one document to prove our citizenship.

Below is the link of the list of documents:


Secondly, i understand that we all have right to expression as per the constitution of India but is burning of public property (technically our property) going to help anyone in any way? In fact we are wasting our own money as costs of rebuilding them will be from the taxes we pay.We need to understand that this hatred is being spread for the sake of dirty vote bank politics. A couple of protestors arrested had criminal background and were not even students. I think if we say we are educated, may be the education needs to be worked upon. This is definitely not the way to protest taught to us by Mahatma Gandhi, is it? I had thought the millennials and post millennials were smart enough to think beyond religion but i guess i was wrong.

Also, i could see a couple of well-known celebrities making random comments on social media supporting the violence saying ‘learn from students’ while posting pictures of preamble (which is wrong btw). What does the preamble say? It states that all the citizens of India will be treated equally irrespective of their religion. Are we even talking about the Indian Muslims here? You people have the power to influence people. Requesting you to use it right. (This is if they are reading my post at all😜)

Lastly we are circulating letters written by students from Harvard University criticising CAB. Just for information, US has been denying citizenship to people with no ancestral ties since years especially people from Muslim countries. They won’t even grant visas to Muslims very easily. So i would suggest you guys just shut up about secularism.

Please understand the violence won’t help anyone. It’s good to have opinions on social issues and communicating them but the issues need to be well understood before reacting. Let’s concentrate on dreadful and cruel things happening in our own country than worrying about the outsiders.
P.S: No comments on the Indian media. They are just hopeless.

3 thoughts on “CAB, NRC and the drama!!”

  1. Good post. It will rather good, if all parties give written agreement what there stands are.
    Then focus on colleges and university to provide there feed back via principle, how student react, what’s there observation and amendments to Bill etc.
    Then putting across for a debate with all concerns representatives.
    Who ever differ with Commonality, put him as per law perspective.
    Then Nation development and eco of resonance will be positive and optimistic of faster growth of nation.


    1. Though i agree with you that the Government should come forward and explain to people what all of this is about in a simpler way, m not sure if taking opinions from educational institutions would help in any way.


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