Motor vehicle acts amendment 2019- Reactions Vs Reality


The traffic rules in India were amended from 1st September, 2019 increasing the penalties manifold than what it was earlier. Since then this is the only news (Other than Chandrayan 2 of course) all over the social media. Trolls , memes, anger, support, oppose and everything else that follows.

Disclaimer: I am neutral when it comes to the currently elected government. I am looking at everything from the lens of an ordinary Indian citizen. (Don’t want haters to start attacking for no reason at all 😁)

Yeah so i read a lot on social media where people were of the opinion that the revised penalties are very high and worried about how are poor people supposed to afford such huge penalties. Even a leading newspaper had this column where they said that poor people cannot afford paying such huge fines. In a few cases, people were actually sympathizing with those charged with extensive fines for multiple/repeat offences.

So i thought that there might be a need of some clarification on what exactly are these new rules all about. Firstly guys this is not a tax, it’s a penalty. There is a difference. Penalties are paid only if an offence is committed.So people being able to afford these penalties is an absolutely sense less statement ( yeah i have sobered the language here😜) and the solution to this problem is absolutely simple. Do not violate the traffic rules if you cannot afford to pay the fine. Ideally traffic rules should be followed even if you are able to afford paying the penalties. But it isn’t always that simple and hence the penalties. The stricter the penalties lesser the number of offences. Follow the traffic rules and drive safe.

Now some of you have this argument about the shitty roads. I completely agree with this. Yes the roads are shitty but does that give us an excuse to violate the traffic rules and risk ours as well as someone else’s life further? The answer has to be NO. Bad roads is a completely different issue and definitely a grave one but the stricter traffic laws would help minimize the harm caused by our own carelessness or haste. The Government cannot be blamed for the increasing number of road accidents if we are not willing to follow the traffic laws (Bad roads and potholes still are at the top of the list of causes though). And guys if we sympathize with the offenders of the traffic laws and make a hero out of them, i seriously fear for the future of this great country.

Yes i have something for the traffic officials as well. I have been there for license test and have a complete understanding of how the license is issued. I have hardly heard of anyone who has failed a license test ( including some of the worst drivers like me; I don’t drive though). If the rules are stricter the license test should be equally stricter and corruption-free. There should be visible signboards wherever required, the signals should work; These are mandates if you want to penalize us for not following the rules.

Just a request to everyone who is reading this, please support this decision of the Government and help them keep you and your family safe. Trust me when i say that accident is the worst thing that can happen to a family.

P.S: Once again, i do not support any Government or specific political party.

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