Pulwama attacks, Indian Government and the citizens of India

indian-army-reuters-eedvfbjvdck-l.jpgThe Pulwama attacks!! So many families devastated in a fraction of a second, so many dreams shattered in a blink of an eye. Unimaginable pain! We lost more than 40 of our brave young soldiers and are loosing some every day since the incident. Firstly i would want to extend my heartfelt condolences to those families who are going through the worst time of their lives to keep us safe. No words are enough to salute them for their sacrifice. I panic if someone from my family comes home late without prior intimation even once. I cannot imagine how these families live with this fear everyday. I just want them to know that i am and would always be grateful for all they are doing so that i live my life comfortably.

Since the attack i have been reading posts on social media paying homage to the martyred soldiers along with immense outrage at the terror organisations causing these attacks and the nations supporting them. I am glad that Indians still are human and sensitive to these situations and that they are channelizing their emotions through social media. However I have also seen posts stating how the government should declare a war against Pakistan and teach them a lesson etc. etc.

Speaking of war, let me ask how many of us, especially this generation who seem to be too desperate for declaration of war , have ever faced a war situation? Have we lost anyone in any war ever to understand the pain? What do we know about what happens in a war? For us it is merely a three letter word which means revenge but what do we know about the amount of resources that get drained in this war? How much do we understand about its effect on the world politics and economics? I am sure not many of us understand this or else such comments wouldn’t have been floating randomly on social media. We have to control our emotions and understand that when we make such stupid statements we knowingly or unknowingly instill a fear in the hearts of the families of our soldiers who are securing the borders for our safety. This would be the cruelest thing that can be done to someone, to make them live with a constant fear everyday of their life. Who gave us the right to mess with their emotions? Please ask yourself all these questions before posting anything on social media henceforth.

Also, again, who are we to tell the government what actions are they supposed to take? I understand the Right to speech and all that bullshit but that doesn’t mean we would make stupid irrational statements and dictate decisions basis our emotions. Also if we are so keen to take actions we should enter the system and then make things happen. I feel if everyone does their own job perfectly and honestly and stop thinking about what others should do and giving opinions about the same, this country has a lot of potential to become a superpower some day. Just understand guys that it is very easy to declare a war sitting in a comfortable air-conditioned room.

Just today an air strike was made by the Indian Air Force on a terrorist camp on the LOC. I feel this was the security force’s way of saying “Apna Time aayega”. Let them do what they should and think is appropriate because they know the ground reality better than us. It is their friends and colleagues who die in the attacks daily. They definitely care about this more than we do.
All we can and should do is support, appreciate and respect them and their families at all times. They don’t need our sympathies, they need to know that we care.Also i think we should do our jobs right, pay our taxes honestly and contribute to make this country that they are dying for, a better place to live.
Jai Hind!!

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