You Rock Girl!!


WOMAN!! The world today talks about her power, her beauty, her strength and her abilities and that is true to the core. No doubt that she is multi- talented because she can be beautiful and stubborn,strong and vulnerable,  kind to a stranger and a bitch to the ones who hurt her own, all at the same time. Whatever and however she is, it is her and she doesn’t deserve but commands respect.
Today, on International Women’s Day, the entire world will talk about her, about how beautiful and wonderful she is and tomorrow again we will get news of rapes and acid attacks. This is a harm done not just to her body but her womanhood. This vandalism of her womanhood will be avenged and people can take this as a warning because she is truly capable of ANYTHING. So be careful!
To all the women out there, you guys are just awesome. Believe in yourself, be good to each other, support each other (because that is what we lack the most, at least in India), love each other and express it, not just today but always. Be it your mother, sister, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, daughter- in-law (This ‘in-law’ thing is somewhat absurd. What has law got to do with your personal relations I could never understand), love all of them as your own.
To all the men out there, its high time you realize that a woman is the most important person in your life, accept it or not. I need not help you remember everything she has done for you because I am sure you know it too well to forget. Though she is a superwoman and all, she might sometimes have a bad day. All she needs then, is to be held and understood, an assurance that all will be good and you would stand by her irrespective of the situation, that you would love her for all her flaws as well. Just say ‘I Love You’ for no reason at all and appreciate even her pathetic cooking. She would be more than happy because she makes all the efforts just for that one damn smile of yours. Do not categorize her, not every girl is a gold digger and bitchy (though she can be cranky and moody at times). Value her and her individuality because if you don’t you will definitely regret it at some point in your life.
Wishing a very happy Women’s Day to all the beautiful and mind- blowing women out there. Please remember I Love You very much if you ever feel no one does. Be yourself and continue to bless the world with your presence.

6 thoughts on “You Rock Girl!!”

  1. Womens are the joy of every home and every heart. Remember that happiness is not complete in their absence.


  2. There needs to be lot more maturity from the society to understand a woman……She is not the easiest creature on earth to get along….One have to put a lots of effort in form of love and respect to get back the same. Yes she is moody and cranky at times. But there are some things where she doesn’t open up. It takes a lot of patience to truly understand a woman and even if you don’t just be there. Give her that care and attention ………Not everyone is the same but still she is the origin of this planet called earth. Love her and you will find happiness everywhere 🙂


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