Let Them Live….

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‘An 8 month old girl raped by a 28-year-old man’ – Imagine a day that begins with news like this. It makes you feel disgusted, doesn’t it? Yes it is disgusting enough to be ashamed of the society we live in.

When I read this news,  i remembered a debate i had watched over the ‘instigation for rape’. Girls wearing short clothes,  roaming around late at nights,  partying,  drinking etc.  were some of the obvious ones.  I then tried to relate it to this incidence of rape and realized that actually these guys were right. The 8 month old victim who is currently struggling for life was surely at fault here. She shouldn’t have ‘allowed’ a stranger (who is supposedly her cousin) to touch her,  she should have covered herself completely,  she shouldn’t have given her rapist the ‘loose’  signals,  she shouldn’t have been drunk ( on milk) probably. If she would have taken the right precautions,  she could have saved herself from the crime. The 28-year-old bastard’s (sorry for the language but couldn’t find a more suitable word) hideous act is totally justified because he is a male.

Before we proceed,  let me be very clear about one thing –  I am no feminist at least not the ‘Women are always right,  irrespective of the shit they do’  types. And this incident goes beyond the female rights. Child abuse is the most heinous crime as far as i can see it.

I feel it is high time that we start teaching our boys what to do and what not to do,  giving them a sense of treating their female counter parts with respect,  instilling in them a sense of right and wrong instead of asking our girls to restrict themselves. By this I don’t mean to say that the girls are free to roam around naked on streets and do whatever they want. All I want to say is let our boys also learn all the ‘Sanskars’  and ‘ Sanskriti’  of our great country India along with our girls. Lets make the country safe for our girls irrespective of their hour of travel,  dressing and drinking habits (I definitely do not intend to promote alcohol consumption here.  Drinking is bad for health irrespective of gender).

This might sound as an impossible vision but we can at least start somewhere to try to build a better and safer tomorrow for our girls and boys alike. With this I would also request the government for stricter laws against rape and child abuse. The gravity of the offence would not be felt by these psychotic and pervert maniacs unless they face severe punishments ( I can suggest some very innovative and effective punishments for this). I guess along with ‘Beti Bachao,  Beti Padhao’ ,  we need to start a ‘Beta padhao,  Insan banao’  initiative as well.

Meanwhile lets pray for the speedy recovery of the child and the worst possible punishment for the 28-year-old beast (my sincere apologies to the real beasts).

16 thoughts on “Let Them Live….”

  1. Very well said.. But all said n done in our culture we can only worship women idols, but not the real ones. Male dominance is promoted by women only.


  2. Truly beta padhao …..insaan banao is need of the hour …..this goes in all aspects. Proper guidance/attention from parents at right time is also required to check how is kid is behaving from time to time.


  3. Completely identify with the anguish, Nikita….
    I sometime feel, that we as a country need to just take time out and pause….the whole country….may be for a year or two…….just pause….identify just two major evils / of our society….this of course would be No. 1….
    and deal with an iron hand and an iron will….just get it straight in the billion heads that there is no getting past it ….punish, counsel, sensitise, shame, quarantine….
    Each member of the society irrespective of gender, age, societal hierarchy….

    There far too many programs running….too many slogans….we just need to restrict them and concentrate on two or three….and sort our society out .. this way …in the next decade ….we would sort at least 5 of them…..and we as a society would leap a century ahead….

    Keep writing Nikita… You inspire us….regds

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    1. I cannot agree more with you on this Sudhanshu Sir…. If every person gives atleast some thought to this problem, to the pain caused by such acts, may be we could make this country somewhat a better place to live in…

      If I could help stop atleast one such act, refrain someone from one such action, that would be the day I would find my writing worth it…Till then a few kind words of appreciation from you all is the motivation I have…

      Thank you…


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